Know More About Baby Monitors

What Is A Baby Monitor?


This is a baby alarm used to listen to the different sounds that the baby makes. The monitor has a transmitter unit with a microphone which is placed close to the baby. One part of the monitor is left with the baby while the other is carried by the parents or attendants to enable them hear the progress of the baby. Having a baby monitor gives one a piece of mind since it becomes very difficult for parents to leave their children when they are sleeping, the monitor will help you know when the baby is awake or any sound made by the baby. There are different baby monitors in the market. Some are wireless where you can monitor the progress of the baby through the web.

Different Types Of Baby Monitors

There are many monitors available and it can be hard for a parent to choose the best among the many monitors present. For a parent to choose the best monitor, they need to know the use of the baby monitors, the different types available and hence select the one that meets their needs and preferences. The following are some of the different types of the monitors:

Sound Baby Monitors

This is the most popular type of baby monitors purchased by many parents across the world. They can either be digital or analogue. The monitors have sound monitors that pick up sounds coming from the baby and transmit them to the receiver. This helps the parents get to know when the baby is crying or hear when the baby is awake.

Video Baby Monitors

The video monitors have a camera and a microphone which transmits sounds and images which are displayed on the receiver. The video monitors have different features as some monitors may have LCD display and multiple cameras which can be placed in different parts of the house. Other types of high quality video monitors produce crystal clear pictures with both high resolution and a night vision.

Wireless baby monitors

They have a receiver which is portable and some may have batteries which are rechargeable. These type of monitors are easy to install hence can be used in different rooms of the house.

Where To Get The Bebaby2st Monitor for Your Baby

You can get them in online market places like Amazon and eBay at relatively low prices. You can get the best baby monitor that meets your needs.

The Advantages Of A Baby Monitor

There are many benefits that a parent will get from having a baby monitor for  checking on the progress of the child while away or doing household chores.  The following are some of the benefits.

Parents who travel or work away from their homes can monitor their children  through the use of the web

One can be in a position to look for potential hazards or watch the baby breathe

-You can listen to the cries of the baby or any noise disturbing the baby

-You have the ability to check on your baby when you are not in the room